What is Hypospadias? Its Symptoms Causes Diagnosis and treatment

Hypospadias in children

Hypospadias is a birth defect and congenital disorder in which the urethra opens on the underside rather than the tip of the penis. The urethra is the channel via which urine departs your body after draining from your bladder.

It is a common condition and does not make the care of your baby any harder. The typical appearance of your kid’s penis is frequently restored after surgery. Most males can have typical urination and reproduction after successfully treating hypospadias. For treatment, parents can contact a Pediatric Urologist in Pune.

Symptoms of Hypospadias

  • Urine does not flow straight
  • Penis curving downward
  • In ten percent of the cases, the testes do not descend fully into the scrotum.
  • The skin at the top of the penis is not complete. (Babies who have hypospadias must not be circumcised.)


Hypospadias can be inherited in some cases. Infants with a family background of hypospadias are more likely to develop it.

Certain hormones drive the creation of the urethra and foreskin during the formation of the penis in a male fetus. The urethra grows improperly if these hormones are not functioning properly. The urethra is generated by the urethral folds fusing together along the penis’s ventral surface. it is a condition in which the urethral folds are not completely closed.


A physical exam by your child’s pediatrician can diagnose hypospadias. He or she would most likely refer you to a pediatric urologist (a surgeon who specializes in genital and urinary issues) for additional evaluation. Specialty medical clinics can assist you in evaluating your alternatives and providing skilled treatment.

When the urethra opens abnormally and the testicles cannot be palpated on examination, it might be difficult to tell if the genitals are male or female or have ambiguous genitalia. Further examination with an interdisciplinary approach is recommended in this scenario.

Treatment of Hypospadias

If your child’s chordee (penis curvature) is absent and their hypospadias is minor, with the meatus close to the tip, surgery may not be required.

In case the hypospadias is severe, surgery to assist repair and reconstructing the urethra so that it reaches the head of the penis is frequently required. Any penile curvature will be treated at the same time.

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