Vaccines for Your Children By Age

Vaccines for Your Children By Age

With the developments in the field of Medical Science, it has become easier to deal with health problems. Vaccines are important in fighting diseases by making you immune to various diseases. Hence, it has almost become necessary to get your children vaccinated on time. Doing so will help your child live a healthy life.

What are the vaccines required for my child by age?

As your child keeps growing, they will need different doses of vaccines. The following list shows the various vaccines which are given in accordance to particular age groups:


Age                                  Vaccines

Birth                            BCG, hepatitis B, OPV0

6 weeks                      DTwP/DTaP + Hib + Hepatitis B + IPV-1, Rotavirus-1,PCV-1

10 weeks                    DTwP/DTaP + Hib + Hepatitis B + IPV-2, Rotavirus-2,PCV-2

14 weeks                    DTwP/DTaP + Hib + Hepatitis B + IPV-3, Rotavirus-3,PCV-3

6 months                   Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV), Influenza-1

7 months                   Influenza-2

9 months                   MMR-1

12 months                 Hepatitis-A 1

15 months                 MMR-2, Varicella-1

16–18 months          DTwP/DTaP + Hib + IPV-4, PCV-4, Varicella-2, Hepatitis-A 2

2 years                       Influenza

3 years                       Influenza

4 years                       Influenza

5 years                       MMR 3, DTwP/DTaP + IPV5

10 years                     Tdap/ Td, HPV-1

10½ years                  HPV-2

All the doses mentioned above, according to the age group, can vary due to several factors. Also, if you skip a vaccine, it is possible to give it later. It is always advisable to contact a doctor and get help at a personal level.

Why is vaccination so important for your child?

Vaccines prepare your body to fight against diseases by stimulating your natural defenses. They activate and increase your immunity and reduce the risk of getting the disease later and also decrease the damage caused due to the illness. Providing vaccination to your child helps their body to fight against deadly diseases.


Being responsible parents also requires taking care of your child’s health. Therefore, getting your child vaccinated at the right time is a must. If you feel like seeking help from a professional regarding this topic, contact Dr. Vishesh Dikshit in Pune.

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