Undescended Testicle: Symptoms and Causes

Undescended Testicle Symptoms and Causes | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit

The health and development of our children are of utmost importance to us as parents. We constantly monitor their growth and well-being, and any abnormality can raise concerns. One such concern that parents may encounter is an undescended testicle in their baby boy. In this blog, we will explore what an undescended testicle is, its symptoms, and the possible causes behind this condition.

What Is an Undescended Testicle?

An undescended testicle, medically known as cryptorchidism, is a condition where one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum as they should during fetal development. Typically, the testicles form in the abdominal area and gradually move down into the scrotum before birth or shortly thereafter. In cases of an undescended testicle, this descent is incomplete, and the testicle remains in the abdomen or along the path of descent.

Symptoms of Undescended Testicle

Detecting an undescended testicle isn’t always straightforward, but there are a few signs and symptoms to watch for:

  1. Absence in Scrotum: The most obvious sign is the absence of one or both testicles from the scrotum.
  2. Empty Scrotum: The scrotum may appear underdeveloped or unusually small.
  3. Palpable Testicle: In some cases, the testicle can be felt in the groin area or along the path of descent.
  4. Pain or Discomfort: Your child may experience pain or discomfort in the abdominal or groin area.

Causes of Undescended Testicle

The exact causes of an undescended testicle are not always clear, but several factors may contribute to this condition:

  1. Premature Birth: Premature infants are more likely to have undescended testicles.
  2. Hormonal Factors: Hormonal imbalances during fetal development can hinder the descent of the testicles.
  3. Genetics: There may be a genetic component, as boys with a family history of undescended testicles are at a higher risk.
  4. Maternal Factors: Certain maternal factors, such as smoking during pregnancy, can increase the risk.
  5. Abnormalities in the Path of Descent: Structural abnormalities in the path that the testicles take during descent can also play a role.

Why Early Detection and Treatment Matter

Undescended testicles need to be addressed promptly for several reasons:

  1. Fertility Concerns: Undescended testicles can affect fertility if left untreated.
  2. Testicular Health: Testicles are more susceptible to injury or malignancy when located in the abdomen or along the path of descent.
  3. Psychological Impact: As children grow, self-esteem and body image can be affected if they are aware of the condition.
  4. Risk of Torsion: Testicular torsion, a painful twisting of the testicle, is more common in undescended testicles.


If you suspect your child may have an undescended testicle or notice any of the symptoms mentioned, it is crucial to consult a pediatric specialist. Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential for your child’s health and well-being.

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