Types of Hypospadias in Children

Types of Hypospadias in Children

Among various congenital anomalies in a male child, Hypospadias is a common one. As per research, it has been revealed that almost one out of 150 male children have this congenital anomaly. In this situation, the urethra’s opening part is not located at the tip of the penis. The urethra starts growing abnormally during 8 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. In this situation, the urethra can get opened up from any area, like from the end or below the penis. Parents who notice that their kids are suffering from problems in the urethra since birth can visit Dr. Vishesh Dikshit for reliable hypospadias surgery in Pune. The following are the types of Hypospadias in Children

Types of Hypospadias

Newborn male children suffer three major types of Hypospadias, and the types depend on the opening of the urethra.

  • The first type is subcoronal, and here, the opening of the urethra is situated near the head of the penis.
  • The second type is the midshaft; here, the urethra is situated along the slide of the penis.
  • The last one is the Penoscrotal, where the location of the urethra is at the junction of the penis and scrotum.

Risk factors

As per Dr. Vishesh Dikshit, an expert hypospadias surgeon in Pune, newborn male kids are more prone to have Hypospadias due to some factors like the mother’s age, low birth weight, diabetes during pregnancy, twin babies, etc.

Symptoms of Hypospadias

Parents are not always aware of the symptoms of the birth defect in the urethra, and all can check the following points.

  • The foreskin will look abnormal
  • Penis will also get an abnormal look
  • The urine stream goes in different directions.
  • The endpoint of the penis turns downward.

The treatment of Hypospadias depends on the age and general health of the kids. You can consult Dr. Vishesh Dikshit for reliable and affordable hypospadias treatment in Pune.

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