Tips to Care for New Born Baby in Winters

Tips to Care for New Born Baby in Winters | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit

Parents always enquire about the necessary protective measures for their newborn babies. Especially winter season is one of those times when newborn babies need extra care. Parents need to take special protective care for New Born Baby in winters.

 Care for New Born Baby in Winters

Doctors suggest different baby care tips, and parents must follow them to keep their babies cozy and healthy during the winter.

Whole body massage- Body message is one of the most effective ways to warm your baby during winter. Different massage oils are available in the market; hence, you can use any baby massage oil as per your doctor’s recommendation. You need to use lukewarm oil and massage it thoroughly all over the body of your baby. This process will enhance blood circulation and give your baby warmth during the winter.
Proper winter dress- Parents need to pay attention to the winter dress of their baby. The winter dress of the babies should be soft and made of breathable fabric. An expert pediatrician will advise layering your baby’s clothes to keep them warm during the winter.

Cleaning and bathing-  Parents may decide not to bathe their babies during winter, but it is a wrong decision. Doctors always suggest properly bathing newborns to maintain hygiene.

Sunlight- Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D, and parents need to keep their babies in sunlight so that their babies can get enough of it.

Vaccination- Vaccination helps to keep your baby safe from varied diseases during winter.

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