Tips to Support the Emotional Health of Your Child

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It is important to take care of the mental health of your child as much as it is for physical health. Both mental and physical health are connected and affect each other.

It is a common belief that children do not have a mental strain, which is why parents ignore their emotional requirements, to a great extent sometimes. This assumption is completely wrong, and parents must always try to support their children’s emotional health.

How to support the emotional and mental health of your child?

Every human is complex and thinks and feels differently. It might not be easy to understand your child’s emotional state and give them the right support. The following points will help you do so:

  • Look for behavioral changes

It is quite common for children not to be able to open up with their parents about many things. In this case, it becomes your responsibility to look for behavioral changes and get into action.

  • Gain their trust

Having a trustworthy person in life is very important for every person in this world. This factor helps them share their feelings comfortably and confide in them.

  • Talk to them

Open communication has a lot to do with gaining your child’s trust. Make them comfortable, listen to them, do not scold them, and try to understand them.

  • Foster healthy habits

As already mentioned, mental and physical health are connected. Therefore, encouraging your child to exercise, eat healthily, and practice stress management will help keep them emotionally fit.

  • Give them moral support

Always give moral support to your child by boosting their confidence and making them feel loved.


Therefore, being a good parent also requires looking after the mental health of your child. If you need any tips or consultancy on this purpose, you can contact Dr. Vishesh Dikshit in Pune.

About Dr.Vishesh Dikshit

Dr. Vishesh Dikshit graduated from Govt. Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, in 2004 with an MBBS degree in medicine. In 2012, he received an MS in General Surgery from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College in Sion, Mumbai, and in 2015, he received an MCh in Pediatric Surgery from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College in Sion, Mumbai.