Some Not So Common Types of Pediatric Surgery

Some Not So Common Types of Pediatric Surgery | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit - Best Pediatric Surgeon in Pune

Children, like adults suffer from a wide range of diseases that require surgery. Many of them are very common and others not so. Given the complexity of many diseases a specialist pediatric surgeon is needed to treat them. Following is a small list of such conditions

Gallbladder Removal

Like adults, kids can also have gallbladder stones, which can get cured with the help of advanced gallbladder surgery.

Gastroschisis Surgery

Doctors often suggest this surgery for newborns if they suffer from a defect in the wall of the abdomen with the intestines coming out of there. Gastroschisis surgery helps to reconstruct the abdominal wall so that the contents are well protected.

Surgery for Curved Chest

This surgery is necessary when a kid’s chest develops disproportionately. This surgical treatment helps to correct the curvatures of the chest.

Recontruction of Reproductive Defects

Many a times children suffer from different inborn internal and external imperfections of the genitals. To tackle these congenital defects, pediatric surgeons need to perform reconstructive surgery.


Most commonly performed for thalassemia patients, this surgery requires removal of the spleen.

Bariatric Surgery

Many children suffer from morbid obesity, and doctors often offer Bariatric surgery as a corrective measure.

Surgery to Remove the Intestine

Sometimes, newborns are affected with infection in their intestines which leads to a perforation. Only surgery can rectify this situation and becomes lifesaving in such situations.

Fundoplication for GERD

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease is also known as acid reflux wherein the stomach acid starts flowing back into the esophagus. When medical treatment is unable to control this condition completely then it becomes necessary for such children to undergo Fundoplication surgery.

Conclusion : 

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