Is pediatric endoscopic surgery more painful than standard laparoscopy in children?

Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery | Dr. Vishesh Dikhshit

Endoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique where a long thin tube is used for the surgery. A camera is connected at the end of the tube, and it helps doctors to carry on the surgery without any difficulty. Endoscopic surgery is necessary for effective and precise surgical treatment. Advanced pediatric endoscopic surgery is becoming very popular recently, and it helps resolve various critical surgical treatments in children. Parents can consult Dr.Vishesh Dikshit for the Best pediatric endoscopic treatment in Pune.

Difference between pediatric endoscopic surgery vs laparoscopy in children

Pediatric experts opt for pediatric endoscopic surgery nowadays because this treatment is effective in healing many problems related to the lungs, stomach, and large intestine. Like endoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technology and a popular treatment to recover kids from various health problems.

Laparoscopy is a normal surgical process that comes with small incisions. Normally doctors suggest Laparoscopy for kids to avoid major surgery and extended healing period. In this surgery, small cuts like a keyhole are made inside on body.

In the case of endoscopy, no skin cuts are done, and it is performed to diagnose the digestive tract. During endoscopy, the patient remains conscious, but in the case of Laparoscopy, general anesthesia is used. Dr.Vishesh Dikshit one of the best pediatric endoscopic specialists in Pune performs this surgical treatment with all necessary care and protective measures. Parents often enquire whether Endoscopy and Laparoscopy are painful for their kids or not.

Kids can feel uncomfortable during endoscopy, but it will not cause pain. Doctors give intravenous sedatives so that patients don’t feel any pain. Again, in the case of Laparoscopy, doctors use local anesthesia so that patients don’t feel any pain.

Normally both surgical treatments are not painful, but kids can suffer from allergic infections, etc, post endoscopy due to the use of sedatives. No doubt all are curious to know more about pediatric endoscopic surgery, and all can consult with Dr. Vishesh Dikshit for the Best pediatric endoscopic surgery in Pune.

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