Getting Kids the Care They Need: 5 Common Pediatric Urology Conditions

Pediatric Urology Treatment in Pune by Dr. Vishesh Dikshit

Suffering from different pediatric urology conditions is not uncommon in kids. Very often it becomes tough to diagnose these problems in children. Urological problems are mostly connected to the malfunction of the genito-urinary system. Doctors suggest that most of these problems can be treated medically, whereas some need surgery.  

 Common Pediatric Urology Conditions:

Many parents do not have knowledge about the different urological problems that can occur in kids. However, they can scroll down and check the details here.


This problem is mainly caused due to the malposition of the urethral opening, and about one in 250 male babies suffer from this problem. Normally pediatric surgeons conduct corrective surgery at the nine months age of the baby.

 Antenatal hydronephrosis:

This problem is seen in fetuses as a dilatation in the renal pelvis. Normally doctors can identify this problem ante-natally using sonography. This is quite a common finding, and almost 50 percent of babies are detected to have this problem before birth. Fortunately, in the majority of babies, this condition resolves as they grow and only some need treatment.

Nocturnal enuresis:

This problem is commonly known as bedwetting. Normally children attaint nighttime control over their bladders by the age of five but for some, it may get delayed to seven years. If your child is still wetting the bed after the age of seven, please consult your doctor.

Undescended testes:

Many male babies are born with their testes not present in the scrotal sac but in most of them it comes down by the age of seven months. Beyond that age, if the testes are still undescended, they need to be brought down surgically to avoid complications like infertility, torsion, trauma, and tumors.

 Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction:

This condition occurs in around one in 500 babies and is usually detected before birth. It occurs due to blockage of the outflow of urine from the kidney into the ureter. Many of such babies get better as they grow but few require surgical correction in the form of pyeloplasty.

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