Five Common Urology Problems in Baby Boys

Five Common Urology Problems in Baby Boys | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit - Best Pediatric Urologist in Pune

1. Infection of the Urinary System

We generally do not associate boys with urinary tract infections, however once it occurs, it can be harmful to anyone. This happens when bacteria (usually from stool in the diaper) manage to get inside the urethra. When this happens, boys can have a feeling of burning when they urinate, pain in the lower tummy, fever and/or vomiting. The urine may have a very foul smell. Some boys may also have an increased frequency of micturition and bedwetting. Parents need to be very sensitive about this condition and seek immediate medical help.

2. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are like small pebbles, some smooth others irregular. They occur due to deposition of calcium and other minerals. They can form as a sequalae to infection or sometimes due to some underlying metabolic disease. Children with kidney or urinary tract stones most commonly present with pain and blood-tinged urine. An ultrasound is helpful in locating the stones. There are many strategies available to tackle such stones depending on its size and location.

3. Hypospadias

This is a very common abnormality in which the urethral opening is not present at the tip of the penis but may be located anywhere on the undersurface of the shaft or even in the scrotum. The child may also have a bend in the penis, called a chordee, along with incomplete foreskin. Even though this condition is present since birth, it is best corrected with surgery at around 8-10 months of age.

4. Hydronephrosis

This literally means “A kidney full of water.” Here the kidney swells up with urine and is due to some outflow obstruction. Very often this condition is detected by ultrasound before birth. Many cases of antenatally detected hydronephrosis resolve as the baby grows but some need constant monitoring and surgical intervention to remove the block.

5. Posterior Urethral Valve

Even though this is not a very common disease, it still is the most severe type of urinary block affecting boys. There is a membrane in the urethra just below the bladder which causes lower urinary tract obstruction and many problems like hypertrophic and poorly functioning bladder, vesico-ureteric reflux and poorly functioning kidneys along with underdeveloped lungs. Management of such cases is tough and needs a multidisciplinary approach using medical and surgical intervention.

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