Essential tips parents should know about Neonatal surgery!

Pediatric Neonatal Surgeon in Pune

Neonatal surgery is a range of surgical procedures carried out on newborns. This surgery is required when there is a life-threatening condition in the newborn. However, parents can help alleviate the pain or any discomfort caused due to Neonatal surgery.

The length of care depends on the recovery period and the overall improvement of the condition.

Here are a few tips for parents after the child undergoes Neonatal surgery:

  • Create a safe and playful environment

Creating a safe and playful environment is very essential for a newborn baby. You can create a positive and safe environment by-

  • Feeding the baby
  • Giving the child a joyful environment
  • Talking in a soft voice
  • Turning off the lights or covering the baby
  • Changing their position

Providing boundaries by swaddling and cheerfully talking to them. The use of touch can work wonders. Cuddling, gently touching, and giving a sense of comfort and security by holding their hand can help calm them down.

Neonates can communicate and express their pain by crying, facial grimacing, difficulty in calming, frequent hiccups, etc. If a parent experiences any of these things constantly and it won’t stop by mere comforting, consult the doctor immediately.

  •   Distracting the child

Playing with them, getting them some toys, offering a pacifier for sucking, trying a hands-off approach to calm the baby, talking, singing, or humming for them so that the baby can sleep peacefully.

  • Checking any alerting symptoms

Post-neonatal surgery symptoms should be checked if any. Symptoms like-

  1. Wheezing
  2. Grunting
  3. Watery eyes.
  4. Vomiting
  5. Constipation and gas
  • Soreness and swelling around the incision site

Aftercare can be complex and challenging at the same time. It is all about care, trust, and protection of the child. Taking proper care, nutrition and grooming can help the infant flourish.


This Neonatal surgery is challenging for parents and the child as well. After surgery, aftercare is of utmost importance for parents especially. In neonates and infants, it is difficult to understand whether the discomfort is due to surgery or any other reason. One should visit the finest doctor to get the best treatment, and we have one suggestion.

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