Child Gastroenteritis – Treatment and Causes

Child Gastroenteritis Treatment in Pune

This condition is caused by inflammation of the intestine, and many kids suffer from this problem more than once a year. Children who suffer from Gastroenteritis often have vomiting, diarrhea, and other problems related to digestion. They can suffer from a mild tummy upset to mild diarrhea for a couple of days.

Common Causes of Child Gastroenteritis

Rotavirus is primarily responsible for Child Gastroenteritis. Children usually put fingers and other objects directly into their mouths, and most of the time, these objects are contaminated with Rotavirus. Hence this virus directly enters the mouth and causes infection in the intestine. The infection seems severe among infants and young children.

Another virus that is also responsible for Child Gastroenteritis is Norovirus, and it is a food-borne virus. This is mainly spread among the children and adults who stay in confined places. If children pick up contaminated food and eat it, they get infected and suffer from stomach upset.

Treatment for Child Gastroenteritis

Usually, Child Gastroenteritis gets better within a few days depending on the immune system of the child. Most of the time, kids can be treated at home. However, occasional hospitalization is required depending on the severity of the condition of the children.

Necessary preventive measures:

Parents should take necessary preventive measures like the ones mentioned below so that their kids don’t get infected by these viruses.

  • Doctors suggest getting your children vaccinated against Rotavirus to keep them safe from severe illness.
  • Always wash your and your kid’s hands before having a meal. Teach your kids to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.

Hard surfaces like the floor, cabinets and tabletops should always be kept clean and preferably disinfected as a part of maintaining domestic hygiene.

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