Biliary Atresia in children | Symptoms causes and Treatment

Biliary Atresia in Children | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit

Biliary Atresia occurs in newborn babies once they reach their second or third week. This is a problem when a blockage develops in the tubes or ducts which carry the bile from the liver to the small intestine. If not treated on time, Biliary Atresia can cause damage to the liver and cirrhosis. However, this is a rare condition in newborn babies.

What are the symptoms?

A newborn baby can be normal when born but can get jaundiced at the second or third week of age. The primary sign of Biliary Atresia is yellowing skin and eyes (jaundice). The blood levels of Bilirubin will get high in this situation. Apart from that, the kids will suffer from the following symptoms.

  • Stool color can become light beige to chalky white
  • Urine becomes dark yellow to brown.
  • The belly can get swollen, and the baby will not gain weight properly.
  • A baby can face liver failure if it is not treated properly.

Causes of Biliary Atresia

The reasons for the development of Biliary Atresia are quite unknown. Infections and exposure to harmful chemicals can cause this problem. Inflamed liver and scarring can cause biliary Atresia in newborn babies.

Diagnosis of Biliary Atresia

Doctors will conduct the necessary physical examination of the baby to diagnose the problem. Doctors will also check the baby’s medical history.

  • A blood test is necessary to check the levels of Bilirubin in the blood
  • An abdominal Ultrasound is required to check the internal condition of the liver.
  • HIDA testing is done to look for liver function and outflow obstruction.
  • Doctors will suggest liver biopsy if they feel cirrhosis in the liver.
  • Doctors also suggest for operative Cholangiogram to check the condition of the ducts.


Pediatricians recommend the Kasai procedure to treat Biliary Atresia. This treatment seems the most successful if it is done before 8 weeks of the baby. Some babies may need to undergo a liver transplant. Parents can talk to Dr. Vishesh Dikshit, Pune, to get more information about biliary Atresia and its treatment.

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