5 Signs Your Children Need Gallbladder Surgery

Children Gallbladder Surgery in Pune

The gallbladder organ is present on the right side of the body under our liver. The function of the liver is to create bile that, in turn, assists in the digestion of food. Our gallbladder is the storage place for the bile. When children eat, the bile gets released by the gallbladder through the ducts that connect to the intestine.

Gallbladder disease occurs due to the hardening of the bile that leads to the formation of stones. In most cases, gallstones in children require surgery. Below, we will talk about the five signs that your child needs gallbladder surgery.

Five signs your child needs gallbladder surgery:-

The following are the five signs that your child needs gallbladder surgery-

  • They have pain in their abdomen’s upper right side, especially after the consumption of fried and fatty meals.
  • They may experience episodes of vomiting and nausea
  • They may get sweats, fever, and chills
  • They may suffer from jaundice that can change the color of the skin and eyes to yellow
  • They may have pain that spreads to the back

Treatment of gallbladder disease- Types of Surgery:-

Your child will get a medicine that will keep them asleep at the time of the surgery. The removal of the gallbladder will require around one to two hours, and then the staff will transfer your child to the recovery room.

  • Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is done by the surgeon making small incisions. They insert a tube with surgical instruments and a camera through the incisions. In this way, they remove the gallbladder.

  • Open surgery

Children mostly do not require open surgery. But, in the past, if they went through other operations on their abdomen, then they may need open surgery.


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