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Kids specialist in Pune

Effects of Fast Food on Kids

Food products that can be produced rapidly and served immediately are referred to as fast food. Pizzas, pastries and chips, burgers, soft drinks, and fried and salted snacks fall under fast food. They’re enticing to look at, and they’re also tasty. However, did you realise that they migh...
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Hernia Treatment on infants in Pune

Hernia in Infants & Children- Types, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Hernias occur when a part of any tissue or organ in the body like a loop of the intestine or omentum(a curtain of fat inside the abdomen) pushes itself through a weak spot or an opening in the muscle wall. It can go through to a space where it normally does not belong. This can […]...
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Five Essential Tips for our Child’s Digestive Health

A kid can have a stomach ache occasionally. But, if it occurs recurrently, then it can be due to certain digestive problems. This may require some treatment. Some not-so-common types of digestive problems are given below. Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome or IBS and Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD These...
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Symptoms & Causes of Bladder Infection in Children | Dr. Vishesh Dikshit - Best Pediatric Urologist in Pune

Symptoms & Causes of Bladder Infection in Children

The urinary tract is a very significant organ system where the kidneys filter blood and form urine which carries the water-soluble wastes out of the body. The formed urine is stored in the bladder empties the fluid at regular intervals with the help of the urethra. It has been noticed that many chil...
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